New Baby Safari Elephant 8pcs Crib Bedding Set review


Jul 12
New Baby Safari Elephant 8pcs Crib Bedding Set 1

Becoming parents to a newborn is one of the best feelings that a person experiences in his/her lifetime. As proud parents, it is very obvious to be very close to your baby and try your very best to ensure that it stays comfortable and safe, from the very first day of its life. Every doting parent would always want to go the extra mile to give the child whatever will make it sleep in peace and be safe at all times. And a crib bedding set is one of that vital furniture that ensures that your child enjoys the safety and comfort that you want it to experience. To give your baby the ultimate experience when you consider comfort and safety, the  New Baby Safari Elephant 8pcs Crib Bedding Set has been brought to the market.

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This 8 piece bedding set has everything that you would need for your newborn. It is not like the same old boring New Baby Safari Elephant 8pcs Crib Bedding Set 2bedding sets that you can often find in the market, with some dispassionate color that you wouldn’t at all like for the very first days of your precious newborn. Its unique features can surely attract you and also give your child the best care that you would want for him/her. Let’s take us a look at its lovely features:

First, this 8 piece set includes a quilt, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, fleece blanket and four bumpers.

All the bedding pieces are beautifully decorated with lovely and cuddling colorful elephants that your child will surely like.

The set is so made that it can suit any type of child cribs and beds that you might find in the market.

  • The sheet is 100% cotton, without any unnecessary décor.
  • The stuffing has been done with polyester.
  • The pattern is of hand-sewn type.
  • No batteries have been used/needed.
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried.


With a number of bedding sets for toddler beds or cribs available in the market now, you might be wondering why to go for this set. Well, simply because you do not want your child to have to anything less than the best. Here’s what you get when you buy the New Baby Safari Elephant 8pcs Crib Bedding Set:

  • The first and foremost thing that would prompt you to buy this wonderful set is the soothing and lovely colors and images that have been used in this set.
  • The turquoise blue and grayish color combination is not only good for your child’s view but can match with all types of cool baby room décor.
  • Since the bedding set is suitable for use on all types of baby beds, you do not have to spare a thought when you buy it.
  • The cotton sheet ensures that your baby stays away from any rashes, allergies, excessive heat, etc.
  • The quality of the materials used is superb, exactly what your child needs.
  • Easy to wash and use.


You may have a wide range of options in the market when you search for bedding sets for cribs, but there are only some products that can match the features and advantages of the New Baby Safari Elephant 8pcs Crib Bedding Set and so, you can buy it without a second thought.

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