Best Elephant Crib Bedding 2018 – Quality over Cost

Mothers who are expecting need quite a lot of careful planning, not just in terms of their personal and their baby’s health, but also in terms of new things that they would need to buy before his or her arrival in this world. One of the first things that quickly pops up into mind when thinking of a newborn is baby crib bedding sets. There are quite a few factors that need to be kept in mind for buying the perfect bedding for your baby. This is one of those products that you buy maybe every once in a while. Everybody is looking for high-quality bedding because a baby’s comfort is the top priority from the day of conception. So many mothers to be are looking for the best crib beddings sets 2016 and for a good reason. Elephants and baby bedding or clothing have seemed to be the perfect match for a long time. It is better to spend some money on elephant crib bedding as an investment in your baby’s well being as opposed to spending on other luxurious items. 

For baby boys, we recommend the Zig Zag Elephant Mix and Match by Pam Grace Creations as it is very well-designed and have all the necessary accessories you will need for your baby boy. As for baby girls, we recommend Boutique Pink Gray Crib Bedding Sets since it is the cutest.

Elephant Themed Baby Bedding Comparison Table

What to Consider When Looking for Baby Bedding

Since crib bedding plays such an important role in the life of your little one, there are a number of factors that need to be accounted for while buying this item. Following are some of the factors;

Fiber Quality

For the healthy development of the baby, it is essential that the little one gets sound sleep. It is very important that you go for a crib bedding that has cotton fiber, preferably organically grown. You are highly advised to avoid synthetic materials because using such material might have negative health effects on your baby. There is a wide difference between the quality and feel of cotton and synthetic material. With the latter, your baby would be in danger of rashes and skin problems developing. It goes without saying that the skin of the baby is actually quite sensitive and this is why the type or quality of the fiber should be your top most concern in buying a crib bedding and any bedding when it all comes down to it.


As you all know, babies make a lot of messes in their cribs, especially during their younger years. The bedding you choose should be super washable and maybe even stain resistant. Bedding that doesn’t withstand washes well is basically a waste of money. It would be a good idea to also make sure whether it is machine washable or not. You wouldn’t want to damage bedding because you didn’t know it wasn’t machine washable. More importantly, it’s important to realize that if bedding is not properly cleaned, then it might affect your baby in one way or another. The wash-ability does seem to go hand in hand with the fiber quality of your bedding, so make sure you read up on how to properly clean the bedding you choose.


With any expensive and high-quality product, durability should be one of the main concerns as a buyer. As mentioned earlier, the amount spent on crib bedding sets should be treated as an investment. Your overriding concern in the whole buying process should be the quality of crib bedding set rather than cost. Also, if your budget allows, then it is better to purchase two sets because there will come a time when you need to wash your sheets and need another set to use for your baby. Buying two sets will ultimately give you flexibility in terms of washing and cleaning.

Non-allergic and soft

This is again closely linked to the first two points and pertain to the quality of the fabric used in the construction of crib bedding sets. Owing to the sensitive nature of baby’s skin, it is imperative that you buy a bedding set that is soft and does not cause any rashes. Even if the material does not cause any infection or other skin problems, if it is not gentle the baby will not get a sound sleep due to discomfort. Just make sure the material is extremely gentle and considerate to the sensitivity of your baby’s skin.

Color scheme

When it comes to planning for your little one, aesthetics are very important. This means it is extremely important to buy the bedding sets that fit perfectly with the existing theme or nursery design, especially if you invested a lot of time and effort into this yourself. In this regard, elephant nursery bedding sets are fantastic since they tend to fit in nicely with any color scheme.

Your Best Options for Elephant nursery bedding set

Now that we have discussed some of the important factors that need to be considered in this buying decision, let’s turn our attention to different types of bedding sets. Depending on the gender of your little one, you could either go for crib bedding sets for boys or crib bedding sets for girls. In the next section, we will discuss some of the products belonging to both the categories.

Elephant Nursery Bedding Sets for Boys

10 pc Crib Bedding Set including Bumper Pad by Bacati

The first product for you is the 10 pcs elephant themed crib bedding set by Bacati, which also includes a bumper pad. This bedding set comes in two colors which are blue and gray. In terms of the fabric, it is pure 100% cotton for the sheets and 100% polyester when it comes to the filling in bumper pad and comforter.

This is not just an accessory; in fact, it is a complete set which includes a diaper stacker, wall hangings, sheets, Valance and a comforter. Another plus of this crib bedding set for boys is that it also comes with a musical mobile which your child can play with and engage their senses. Since the fabric is pure cotton, the crib sheets are easily washable. What is also great is that the cotton used in the construction of crib bedding is biodegradable.

In short, it is one of the best crib bedding sets of 2016 and especially fits in nicely with the room if the existing décor or color theme is gray or blue. The blue and gray elephants will be a source of comfort and joy for your little one. The color combination of this bedding set is very friendly and full of warmth. Without any doubt, your little one will love these warm colors of the bedding set.

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Zig Zag Elephant Mix and Match 10 pc Crib Bedding by Pam Grace Creations

Another bedding set worth mentioning is the Zig Zag Elephant Mix and Match 10 pc Crib Bedding. This crib bedding set for boys is marketed by Pam Grace Creations and has received a lot of positive reviews of the customers. The fabric ratio of this set is 65% polyester while 25% of it is cotton. With a wide array of colors, you can use creativity and come up with as many as 20 different color themes, hence the phrase “mix and match” in the set name.

Again, this product offering is also a complete bedding set which includes blankets, diaper bag, quilt, 2 different sheets, wall bunting and a couple of other useful items. Like our first product, it also comes with a musical mobile which your baby will absolutely love. It seems as if the whole nursery has been stuffed in one big bag. The colors of the bedding sheets are bright and vibrant. In other words, you could technically use this bedding set for a girl as well. In terms of value for money, this product certainly deserves a big plus because you get a ton of items in the bedding set. With this, you could also purchase the matching table lamp by Pam Grace Creations.

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Bacati Elephants Crib Set with Bumper Pad in Aqua/Lime/Grey

The next crib bedding set that we will shed light on is Bacati Elephants Crib Set. Like the other two products, it also comes with a bumper pad. This crib bedding comes in an amazing combination of Aqua, Grey and Lime colors to suit your baby boy. The fabric of this bedding set is again 100% pure cotton while polyester is used in bumper pad and other items.

It is a 10 piece crib bedding set which includes a variety of other items including a dust ruffle, complete wall hanging sets, sheets and musical mobile in addition to the standard crib bedding set items. The fact that it is 100% cotton makes it very soft and gentle for the comforts of the baby. This feature comes in handy especially in harsh climatic conditions when synthetic fabric starts to irritate causing sleepless nights and a plethora of other problems. You will notice that the colors combination is a unique twist and to some it might a bit funky and whimsical. Basically, this crib bedding set has all the necessary items that you will require for taking care of your little one’s sleep and comfort needs. Unlike the previous product offerings, this bedding set also comes with different hanging toys which will make your kid happy and joyful.

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New Baby Safari Crib Bedding Set by F.C.L

Mothers to be who are looking for unique crib bedding sets should definitely look into the New Baby Safari Elephant themed Crib Bedding Set. Unlike other crib bedding sets for boys, it is an 8 pcs set which includes four bumper pads, one quilt, and fitted sheet, one fleece blanked and one dust ruffle.

The distinguishing factor of this crib bedding set is that it has a hand-sewn design. As far as material is concerned, both polyester and cotton are used. Another important thing to note here is that there is no hassle of hand washing the crib fitted sheets because you can easily machine wash. The best thing about this crib bedding set is that the colors combination is so unique it could easily gel in with any theme of the nursery. All in all, the handling and maintenance of this crib bedding set is very easy and therefore it is worth checking out.

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Turquoise Blue Gray and White Mod Elephant 9 piece crib bedding set by Sweet Jojo Designs

Lastly, you could also check out the Turquoise Blue Gray and White Mod Elephant 9 piece crib bedding set by Sweet Jojo Designs. The design and color combinations used in this crib bedding set makes it perfectly suitable for boys. It is basically a 9 piece set which consists of one toy bag, one crib blanket, one fitted sheet and bumper as well as a few other essentials. Unlike other crib bedding sets for boys, it also has a throw pillow as part of the complete set. The embroidery of cute elephants really stands out giving the whole set friendly and playful looks. You will also notice that print is top-notch thus making it durable. Cotton as well corduroy is used making it perfectly suitable for machine wash. Another advantage you will have of buying this crib bedding set is that you could buy other available accessory items as well. Of course, the decision would primarily be based on the extent of your budget. In this regard, if your budget does allow, you would find matching table lamp to be of great value. You will get the whole crib bedding set for around 200 bucks. It is definitely worth the money invested in your baby.

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Elephant Themed Baby Bedding Sets for Girls

Now let’s turn our attention towards some of the best crib bedding sets specifically for girls. In this regard, five products are worth the discussion.

Boutique Pink Gray Elephant themed Crib Bedding Sets by Geenny

The first product is the Boutique Pink Gray Crib Bedding Sets. Unlike some of the other crib bedding sets, it consists of 13 pieces which include a wide variety of nursery items. In addition to the standard bedding set items like comforter, bumper, diaper stacker, fitted sheets the bedding set also includes 3 wall art items and some throw pillows. It is worth noting here that musical mobile is not included in the crib bedding set unlike many of the other crib bedding sets that were mentioned.

In addition to that, you could also buy a matching window valance as an accessory item if you would like. To match with the elephant décor, you could also boost the friendliness of the nursery by buying a similarly elephant themed lamp shade. This bedding set stands out from the pack because the décor and designs are not printed, but delicately hand-sewn. It is suffice to say that this crib bedding set completely takes care of your nursery. You would not feel a need to buy any additional item for the nursery of your little angel with this bed set. Owing to these aspects, it has received raving reviews from customers. The seller is quite responsive in terms of shipping the product meaning you would get it in no time.

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4 piece Crib Bedding Set by Happy Chic Baby Jonathan Adler

Another product which is worth the discussion is the 4 piece Crib Bedding Set by Happy Chic Baby Jonathan Adler. This product boosts White, Pink and Orange colors which make a unique and visually appealing combination. In terms of the fabric, the seller promises a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. There are specific instructions with respect to washing of this crib bedding set. Basically, the users are advised to wash it in the machine with cold water with the cycling session being very gentle. Mothers also need to make sure that it does not come into contact with chlorinated bleach. Lastly, it also should be dry cleaned to ensure cleanliness and maintenance or otherwise the bedding set would be ruined.

Since it is a 4 piece crib bedding set, it could be further accommodated by a complementary elephant bedding décor. With these matching products, you will end up having a glamorous nursery that remains colorful. This bedding set consists of standard items like a dust ruffle, comforter, diaper stacker and fitted crib sheet. The detailed elephant embroidery is sure to bring a smile on your little one. Besides, it is not that costly and can easily fit into your budget.

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Baby Boutique Safari 13 pcs girl crib bedding set from Sisi

Another product that made to the list of best crib beddings 2016 is the Baby Boutique Safari 13 pcs girl crib bedding set from Sisi. It is truly one of the best crib bedding sets for girls because it has a wide array of nursery items. More importantly, it cost substantially less than its other counterparts. With more bedding pieces and great quality, it certainly delivers when it comes to value for money. If you are concerned about the washing of all the pieces then don’t be; all of them can be easily machine washed. This product certainly offers convenience in terms of cleaning.

The seller of this crib bedding set also offers a bit of customization as well. For instance, you could have the name of the baby girl’s name printed on the pillow with embroidery. In addition to elephants, this crib bedding set also features other friendly animals like the zebra. These animals come in different colors like white and brown. Apart from the standard crib bedding items, it has a toy bag as well. After purchasing this item, you would not need any additional item for your nursery, not just in terms of décor, but also for any functional purpose.

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Elephant Chevron 10 pcs Baby Crib Bedding Set by BabyFad

Chevron 10 pcs Elephant Crib Bedding Set by BabyFadThe next crib bedding set for girls is from BabyFad. This Elephant Chevron 10 pc Baby Crib Bedding Set offers a lot of comfort and ease to their mothers. Primarily, the set is 100% cotton which means a lot of ease when it comes to washing and cleaning for the mothers. Most importantly, this fabric ensures that the baby does not suffer from any allergies and the skin remains soft and gentle. The color combination in which this crib bedding set for girls come in pink and gray. The elephants are embroidered on to the 100% cotton making it not only aesthetically pleasant but also super comfortable and full of warmth. Since it is a 10 piece set, it offers a lot of nursery items like decorative pillow, quilt, bumper and whole lot more.

Both pink and gray color are used in an elegant manner throughout the set to make a friendly impression on your little angel. Owing to the fact that premium fabric is used in the construction throughout the set, the whole crib bedding set is quite durable as compared with other crib bedding sets.

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NoJo Twinkle Twinkle 4 piece Baby girl Crib Bedding Set by Little Bedding

The last crib bedding set that we are going to discuss is the NoJo Twinkle Twinkle 4 piece Baby girl Crib Bedding Set by Little Bedding. This bedding set is known to have received a lot of raving reviews from its customers. The primary reason behind the success of this product is its soothing turquoise color which exudes confidence for your baby. It is a simple bedding set which consists of crib bumpers, a dust ruffle, comforter and fitted sheet.

There is one aspect that potential customers of this product needs to be cautious about as the threading content has not been disclosed. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, the fiber quality should be one of the chief concerns of the buyer. Surely you could contact the manufacturer themselves and figure it out before considering this bed set. On the positive side, this crib bedding set is quite cheap and can be bought for less than 50 bucks. You should also note that customers who purchased this crib bedding set also bought a white crib mattress as well. So depending on whether or not you have your mattress situation settled, you might also want to look into this. All in all, it is a great crib bedding set with lots of colors for the nursery.

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To conclude the discussion on best elephant crib beddings 2016, the choices are plenty and could fit easily into any budget. The final advice is that if your budget allows, you should go for the crib bedding set that offers maximum quality and organic fabrics. After all, what we are really talking about is the health and comfort of your little one or even your little ones if you are expecting twins or triplets!

So check out all these elephant nursery bedding sets today and make an informed decision. The key is to have it at your place before the baby boy or girl comes into this world. Hopefully one of these best crib beddings of 2016 will fulfill your needs, and more importantly, your baby’s comfort.

Once again, our top picks are Zig Zag Elephant Mix and Match by Pam Grace Creations for baby boy and Boutique Pink Gray Elephant themed Crib Bedding Set for baby girl respectively.